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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Wishes to All, Feeling Grateful, and #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tips

We're "Not-Quite-Wordless" Wednesday here today. I want to take this opportunity, on the Eve of Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, to thank you all again for your kind words, prayers, and support as my family grieves the loss of my amazing Mom, the FiveSibes Hu-Nanny. I have been blessed to have had such a wonderful mother and role model in my life. For her, I am so grateful. 

There is such a void in our lives, and the first of the holidays is upon us and my daughter and I are struggling to find a new "normal" without her, our "third Muskateer." I just can't imagine it. But, Mom would want us to count our blessings, and we are so blessed to have our family, furkids, friends, and all of our FiveSibes pals in our lives. For that, I am grateful.

Tonight's Thanksgiving Full "Beaver" Moon

What a wonderful and compassionate community this truly is and I'm proud to be part of it. All of us here at FiveSibes wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving - whether you are remembering celebrating with loved ones in the past, or are looking forward to celebrating with loved ones now, the heart will always remember for those special moments we spend together today, become our cherished memories tomorrow. And for that, I am grateful.

"The mind always remembers what the heart never forgets."
~Mark Amend

 * * * * * *

Since taking a break to honor my mother after her passing, I'm using today to catch up on the past 11 days of missed Epi-Tips. In a round-up, here's a gif featuring my Daily Epi-Tips 15 - 26. At the end of the month, and the close of November's Epilepsy Awareness Month, I'll post a new gif featuring all 30 days worth of #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tips. I'll be picking up the remainder of the month featuring the final daily Epi-Tips, as well as highlighting Canine Epilepsy info and All Stars. Please be sure to stop back starting Friday.

All of here at the FiveSibes wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with moments of laughs, smiles, and sweet memories.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Remembering Mom, the FiveSibes Hu-Nanny, and Her Love of Animals on a Flashback Friday

I'd like to take a moment to say a heartfelt "Thank You" to each and every one of you for your kind words, prayers, support, and condolences on the passing of my mother. She was an amazing woman, a loving mother, a best friend, terrific advice giver, and a wonderful Nanny to my daughter. We're trying to figure out this "new (ab)normal" life without her. I miss her deeply and will forever. 

Today's blog, a Flashback Friday, is dedicated to my beautiful Mom...our FiveSibes some photos from Memory Lane with just a few of her furry loves and furpals. I know she's having a wonderful time being reunited with my Dad and some of their furangels right now. Momma...this is for you with lots of Husky hugs and kisses...


Love Lives On
Those we love remain with us
for love itself lives on,
and cherished memories never fade
because a loved one's gone.
Those we love can never be
more than a thought apart,
far as long as there is memory,
they'll live on in the heart.

Tomorrow we'll be playing catch up on November's Daily #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tips. Please be sure to stop back for some informative and helpful tips for living with dogs with 
Canine Epilepsy.

Flashback Fridays are brought to you by us - the FiveSibes - and our co-host, Love is being owned by a Husky, each Friday. We hope you'll find a photo or video from Memory Lane, post it, and link up to our Blog Hop each week! If you don't catch it on Friday, you can link up any time during the week! To catch our past Flashbacks, just enter "Flashback Friday" in the search box. We hope you'll come join us!


We're also hopping on the Pet Parade Blog Hop, so be sure to pop by and visit the host's, cohosts', and hoppers' blogs, too!
Hosted by Rascal and Rocco with co-hosts Bionic Basil, Barking From The Bayou, and Love Is Being Owned By A Husky  


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Roses for My Mother

Dear Friends and Readers: 
As many of you know already, my mother has been not been well. Sadly, this past week she has declined greatly, and today she passed away. I will be taking a few days off to honor my mom, and will be back with more Epi-Tips then. If you are waiting for a book or item to be shipped from me via ArcticHouse Publishing, please bear with me. Thank you for all your support, prayers, and wishes. They have meant so much.

Friday, November 13, 2015

November's #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip #13 & Cooling,Calming Collar Review

Gib looking spiffy in his "Too Cool" Calming Collar
Today’s Epi-Tip is all about keeping an Epi-dog cool. One way is by using a cooler collar. I use them not just in the summer when our north eastern temps soar, but I also will put one on Gibson any time I think he appears agitated or warm as a preventive measure. Post-seizure, it’s also very important to bring an Epi-dog’s temperature down. In addition to placing cool packs (or frozen peas and a frozen loaf of Italian bread like I used when Gibson had his first seizure six years ago), including on the small of the back right under the neck, a cooler collar helps tremendously to bring a dog's temp down, or keep him cool to begin with. 

Today, I’d like to tell you about a really cool cooler collar, and a collar to help reduce stress ~ all filled with natural herbs ~ made by Calming Collars that I had the pleasure of test driving. Gibson is pictured above relaxing with the custom purple (I selected for K9 Epilepsy awareness) "Too Cool" cooling collar. I love the bow "tie" look! These collars are hand-made in the U.S.A., custom ordered to your selection of width, fabric color and type of collar (or all three!) And...Calming Collars will ship anywhere in the world!

Cooler collar on left ~ calming collar on right.

All of their collars use “quality herbs and ingredients,” and, notes owner of Calming Collars, Deborah Mendez, “Even if eaten, they will not harm your pet.” Now that's good news!

The collars each come packaged so nicely in their own air-tight zipper lock bag:

The three types of pet collars by Calming Collars are:
  • Too Cool - a cooler collar to keeps pets cool.
  • Calm Me Down  - herbal collar reduces stress & anxiety
  • Good to Go – a collar to help anti-motion sickness

The “Too Cool” collar is made up of polymer crystals that expand when wet to help keep the wearer cool. These collars are so easy to use. You simply soak them in cool water in the sink, wring out, and clip around the dog’s neck. I love this collar. Or should I say, Gibson loves this collar!

 And once it dries out, you can simply rewet it again! Tip: Place a wrung-out wet “Too Cool” collar in a zippered freezer bag and keep in your freezer for a great “cold pack” post-seizure.

 Gibson loves his "Too Cool" collar!


 Wolf just chillin' in his "Calm Me Down" collar!

The “Calm Me Down” collar is based on aromatherapy. Deborah recommends, if possible, to, “put the Calming Collar on 20 to 30 minutes before a stressful event” to "get ahead of the stress.” I used mine for Wolf (above) because he has anxiety issues. I found that once I placed this on him, he settled down and the anxiety seemed to just melt away.  And it smells (p)awesome! 

Many Epi-dog parents also seek calming aids with their dogs that have seizures, and this is another possibility to discuss with your vet. While essentials oils can be helpful with a myriad of issues and conditions, with an epileptic dog there are certain oils that can be a trigger for seizures, among them are rosemary and eucalyptus. There are no essential oils in the Calming Collars, just a blend of natural herbs. 

“The Calm Me Down blend is filled with lavender, chamomile, and balsam. No essential oils or fillers, just the actual dried herbs,” explains Deborah, who also offers the following advice. “Some may want to run it by their Vet if they have concerns about trying something else.” 

Calming Collars in the News!


Whether you choose the Too Cool,  Calm Me Down, or Good to Go collar, there’s a great selection of colored fabrics to choose from. And sizes feature single channel, double channel, or extra wide widths. The extra wide works really good for the Too Cool collar, which is what I have for Gibson, and I have the double channel Calm Me Down for Wolf. All collars are made to order, so they are always fresh! Check out all the pretty fabrics, sizes, and details of the three collars at

These stylish, all-natural Calming (and Cooling) Collars gets a happy Husky top “four-paws” out of four-paws rating!

 Woo! We’re excited to bring you a coupon for 10% off your collar order, compliments of Calming Collars! To receive your discount, be sure to type in FiveSibes10 in the coupon code box!

*If we review it, we use it!*

It's also our FiveSibes Flashback Friday Blog Hop! For today's trip down Memory Lane, I picked a "cool" shot of the four of my FiveSibes running in the snow from several years ago! When you're a Husky, cool is the name of the game!

Flashback Fridays are brought to you by us - the FiveSibes - and our co-host, Love is being owned by a Husky, each Friday. We hope you'll find a photo or video from Memory Lane, post it, and link up to our Blog Hop each week! If you don't catch it on Friday, you can link up any time during the week! To catch our past Flashbacks, just enter "Flashback Friday" in the search box. We hope you'll come join us!

We're also hopping on the Pet Parade Blog Hop, so be sure to pop by and visit the host's, cohosts', and hoppers' blogs, too!
Hosted by Rascal and Rocco with co-hosts Bionic Basil, Barking From The Bayou, and Love Is Being Owned By A Husky  


* * *

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Our Daily November #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip #12 ~And~ Meet Epi All Star "Ciara!"

Note: There are also some great digital apps for journaling as well. See previous post about the free RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker app.

Many of you know beautiful "Ciara" of The OP Pack, one of the furry faces behind The Chronicle of Woos blog here in Blogville . This sweetie has been having some visits from that dreaded seizure monster, but she's not letting that stop her from enjoying life with her brother Lightning. We hope one day that Ciara will have no more visits from that monster, and admire her "dognacity" at staying strong and looking beautiful. Pop over to their blog for updates on how this darling Epi-dog is doing, and be sure to say "woo" to Ciara from the FiveSibes, too! Stay strong, Ciara! Sending you lots of Husky hugs and love!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day Salute to Our Human & K9 Soldiers ~And~ #LiveGibStrong Epi-Tip #11

Veterans Day: A Thank You in Pictures 
70th Anniversary of  the End of WWII 

How It All Began in Our Family...

My all-time favorite photo of my parents at Fort Jay, Governor's Island, NY, circa 1941. My dad was in the U.S. Army's 1st Division ("Big Red One"), and then a second tour with the Rainbow Division.

  My parents on their wedding day
December 27, 1941

 My Dad with a pup he rescued while serving.

My Dad helping to feed the pup milk.

 My Mom joined in the war effort on the homefront and became a "Rosie the Riveter" working as a lathe operator on cannon reamers in the Watervliet Arsenal, New York .

Wolf with my article published in a newspaper from 20 years ago celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the end of WWII. You can see my parents' photo on the right, and my good friend, the late Dick Williams, on the left. Mr. Williams and I served on our city's WWII 50th Commemorative Committee, where I was also the publicity liaison.

Proud veteran, American Legion member, and friend, 
Mr. Williams presented me with an award at a county legislative meeting for "Preserving History of WWII, Promoting Future Peace Through Education" for my articles and photographs. A very proud moment for me.

My Mom with my daughter at her elementary school's 50th WWII Commemorative Celebration, where my Mom spoke to the students about WWII, and how women helped out by serving on the homefront in positions vacated by men while they were at war, such as being a "Rosie" and working in an arsenal, like my Mom did. Here grandmother and granddaughter are standing in front of a student-made Wall of Honor featuring stories written by the children of family members who served, including ones on my Dad, my Mom, and her brother, my Uncle, who all served our country in the military and on the homefront.

Military War Dog Veterans...
 Siberian Husky "Buck" - War Dog Ambassador, 
Vietnam War

 Photo by Herson Whitley. Courtesy of Mary Ann Whitley.
Chips, a Husky, German Shepherd, Collie mix, was the first dog to ship overseas as a Military Working Dog in WWII. He belonged to the Wren Family from Pleasantville, NY. When WWII broke out, U.S. families volunteered their pet dogs into the service as part of the K-9 Corps. Overseas, he trained as a sentry dog and assigned to a Military Police platoon and traveled throughout Europe, and saw fighting in Africa and Sicily. While he served on many missions, he is best known for when he attacked enemy troops who were in a pillbox shelter in Sicily, and even though he was wounded himself, he rushed into the shelter and bravely fought by biting the enemy troops, until they surrendered. Chips even met General Eisenhower!

A Salute to Military War Dog Veterans

The Present...
My Aunt just returned from a trip to France and Normandy where she visited the WWII Museum and the monument on Omaha Beach, where my Dad were among the soldiers who landed on that fateful day in 1941.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Reis

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Reis

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Reis

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Reis

Thank you to all our veterans ~ human and K9 and their handlers ~ for their dedicated service and sacrifice so we can all speak free, worship free, write free...and be free.

We're a not-so Wordless Wednesday this week!